Justin Bieber serenades to Selena Gomez

Both the boisterous lovers – Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez have been high on high heels of romance since the day they started dating and in particular since that day when Justin openly admitted his love for Gomez. He and Selena have been spotting lip-locking and enjoying holidays being in swimsuits and this is a good sign of love. And this is the reason that Justin does not want to slip into the paternity scandal between both of them.

Justin was seen in super spirits on Saturday when he hit the space for the rehearsal of his performance to take place at the American Music Awards.

Selena Gomez, 19, who has been supporting Justin in the case of Mariah’s claims about Bieber of fathering her baby boy, was sitting in the front row.

Bieber then sang ‘I Feel Good’. During the singing of Justin, both were found nestling in between and the singer was simply crooning to her.

A source out there said that they both were looking super romantic.

Justin’s performance at the American Music Awards was on a track from his new CD titled Under the Milestone. Selena presented the awards.

Justin Bieber is not afraid of the paternity test and rather the lawsuit filed by Mariah Yeater has been dropped, he is all set nonetheless to take the DNA test. The dates of the test are being scheduled and soon they will be revealed to the public.

Beiber wants the test to prove that he is not a father of the baby and it was a scandal to damage his popularity and career. Justin always claims to be utterly in love with Selena and he shows the same even in public by cuddling her, lip locking her and dating her. Their holidays are always eye-pleasing and paparazzi await them anxiously.

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