Karan finally succeded – Ajay on KWK

Mumbai: We all know that the film maker/talk show host Karan Johar can be very persuasive, after all the Bollywood celebrities he has convinced to come sit on his sofa and gossip about their own lives. We have to admit he always gets his way, even if it takes him two years to get there.

This time, Karan managed to get his way and bring actor Ajay Devgn to his talk show. After two full seasons in which he insisted to have the reclusive actor, Karan finally convinced Ajay to appear on “Koffee With Karan”.

However, the victory was not complete, as the actor will be appearing alone on the show. His wife, Kajol, chose to stay at home during the recordings and take care of their children. She did urge her better half to accept the invitation to the show, though.

A reliable source said that Karan was thrilled to finally have Ajay on the show. The actor and the talk show host spent two hours in the make-up van, talking.

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