Karan in hunt at Dubai International Film Festival

The 7th edition of the Dubai International Film Festival announces to be spectacular. One of the people who believe so strongly is Karan Johar. The famous TV talk show presenter and filmmaker wants to discuss prospects of cultural film collaborations and business with several foreign film industries, or so says an official of the panel.

There are not many strategic collaboration possibilities, considering the point of view of the foreigners. The cultural exchange is quite weak, and professionals would be sitting there, as it is an industry panel, as the consultant Dorothee Wenner stated.

Karan will not be left alone in the discussions, but Amit Khanna, the chairman of Reliance Entertainment, will accompany him to help with the negotiations. The two will be there to try to make an interaction happen with the Arab sales persons. The Arab world is not the only market the panel is interested in. They are seeking new and original collaborations for their projects.

The two are now in intense activity, and still have time until the evening of December 19th to make it possible.

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