Kareena Kapoor wants solitude

Renowned all over the world thanks to her size zero status, the beautiful actress has now manifested her yearning for solitude. Sources close to the actress have stated that Kareena Kapoor was become quite weary of the public life up to this moment.

Rumors all over town are that the beautiful Bollywood star is a bit disappointed by her boyfriend Saif Ali Khan which constantly comments on her habits to shop a lot. It seems that this is the reason for which Kareena has made the decision to stay away from him for a short period of time. The actress does not appreciate the comments on her life, as she considers that being her life she can live as she pleases.

Sources close to the couple say that Saif and Kareena do indulge in minor fights during their most recent shopping sprees. The two Bollywood stars are going to get married in the year of 2012, and now everybody hopes that these little arguments won’t be getting in the way of their happiness.

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