Kat Von D says Jesse James cheated with 19 women on her

Jesse James’s ex-lover the tattoo artist and TV star Kat Von D has mentioned in an interview, on her Facebook page and on her blog that Jesse is such a big cheater. She said that Jesse had cheated 19 women on her during her love affair with him that lasted almost a year or so.

Both Kat Von D and Jesse James, who is the former husband of the popular Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock, had been well in love. And even Jesse had told openly in the media some time back that Kat was more pleasurable in bed than Sandra. Even the biggest claims came from Jesse, 42, such as he said many a time that Kat was the perfect girl he was looking in life and so on.

Kat too was much in love with the man. Both were spotted at various locations being intimate openly. The love even turned into engagement. After getting engaged, they planned for the wedding but they couple split in September this year.

Jesse has been unfaithful to his former wife Sandra and the man even was unfaithful to almost all the ladies came in his life. It started to be seemed that Jesse this time around would be faithful to Kat Von D since the two were madly in love but the nature cannot be changed. The same unfaithful behavior took place with the man who cheated 19 women on Kat. It’s a really big figure ‘19’ during a one year time. Great going , Jesse…if you can make affairs with 19 women in one year, it means there must be hundreds of women , with whom you must have made affairs with in life.

This type of man cannot be trusted at all. Kat did the right thing by dumping him and leaving him behind.

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