Katrina Kaif – the most popular on Google

It is common knowledge that the beautiful actress Katrina Kaif is not only one of the most popular persons in Bollywood film industry but also in the entire world. That has been confirmed one more time by the fact that Katrina Kaif is the most popular item on Google.

The country head of Google, none other than Vinay Goel has made a stated in which he said that in fact the talented actress is very searched on Google. It appears that she is more popular in the country of Pakistan than she is in India.

In a recent interview granted by actress Katrina Kaif, she said that she feel in deed very proud of this fact. In her personal opinion this means that she is really loved by viewers, who are looking to see her in movie. The Bollywood super star is also on the list of the highest rising search item in the country of India. The report released by Google shows the preferences of the user for the year 2008.

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