Katrina Kaif avoids wardrobe malfunction

It seems that all major actresses of Bollywood are prone to suffer the horror of wardrobe malfunction and Katrina Kaif nearly fell into that category when she suffered a near wardrobe malfunction on Friday night at a music awards performance.

The incident happened when the Bollywood heartthrob Katrina was dancing on the stage with several other female dancers when her red top threatened to slip off one shoulder exposing her modesty. But luckily Katrina kept her presence of mind and made sure she did not perform certain steps which would have led to the top falling off completely.

According to the sources all was well with the apparel when Katrina had tried it before the performance but somehow it gave away during the dance performance. Most of these clothes are made in very short time and also it is a different thing to stand with garment and other to perform dance routines with the same garment.

Wardrobe malfunctions have become a routine affair in the modelling industry and therefor designers and their tailors have been taking extra precautions to prevent such disasters in the future. Katrina was lucky that the top did not expose more than what was necessary there by avoiding any embarrassment to her.

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