Katrina learns how to throw knives

Mumbai: One actress out there is trying very hard to learn new things which will be useful in her films. We are talking about Katrina Kaif and her passion for throwing knives.

The Bollywood actress is very excited about her next role in “Seeta Aur Geeta” by Dibakar Banarjee, where she will be playing Geeta. She will be doing more stunts than the actress Hema Malini has done in the original film, some quite challenging. Katrina is learning how to climb ceiling fans and throw knives.

Geeta is a knife-throwing gypsy street performer, and Karina was very excited when after hearing that she will play this part, as she always thought Hema had fun during the shootings. The actress even confessed that she is most fascinated about the knives.

Katrina and Hema have met, the latter giving some tips and advices to the young actress, who is about to start shootings for one of the most outstanding roles of her life. After their talk, Hema stated that Katrina will make a great Geeta. Can’t wait to see the film!

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