Katrina to become producer for her sister’s debut film

As if Katrina Kaif was not enough, now even her sister Isabelle Kaif has decided to become a part of Hindi cinema. And to help her Katrina has decided to become the producer so that her sister can benefit.

Bollywood is known for its obsession with star families and it seems that Isabelle will be getting the advantage of being Katrina’s sister as her sister will not only be producing the movie but also acting along her side to ensure that the audience does not stay away from the film.

According to sources Katrina Kaif had been planning to turn producer for a long time and she has almost even bought the rights of a French film in which she will play the role of a female soldier. But she realized the importance  of family name in Bollywood and

decided to launch her sister instead.

Katrina has herself admitted that work is still going on to finish the script and has even admitted that they would not be playing sisters on screen.

She has also asked Isabelle to get acclimatized to Hindi cinema by watching old Hindi classic movies and taking classes to improve her Hindi skills.


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