Katrina was inspired by Shakira

One of the most popular item girls of the moment, none other than  actress Katrina Kaif admitted that she drew her persuasion from the international star Shakira. The Bollywood super star and actress Katrina Kaif has managed to win the hearts of all viewers. A huge part of her current success is due to the performance ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’. This song is part of Katrina’s upcoming movie ‘Tees Maar Khan’.

In a recent interview Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif was asked about the connections from her latest super hit song with the number of Shakira. In replay she added that she can only dream of such resemblances. In addition the item girl said that in fact she got her inspiration from Shakira, and if her dance in that particular song remind viewers of songs of Shakira, she can only feel proud.

The actress managed to find time to do an interview while she was in Kolkota. She and her co star Akshay Kumar are now on the road, promoting their latest picture called ‘Tees Maar Khan’.

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