Kristen Stewart grief-stricken; Refuses to have proper food

Kristen Stewart, the “Twilight” star is in an emotional wreck these days, as her ex-boy friend Robert Pattinson, has moved away few days back, from the place they were living in together. Kristen is shocked after her hidden affair with film maker Rupert Sanders has come to limelight, and R Patz is in mood to continue the relationship where Kristen was just faking it, as she was in a relationship with Ruper much before it became publicised. So, as she is suffering from a nervous breakdown, the actress is avoiding any intake of food, and just living on cigarettes, few packets of potato chips, drinks like Red Bull.

A source close to Kristen says she looks mentally broken these days, with a pale and worn-out face. She has been hiding from the public glare, by taking shelter in a secret place of a producer friend of hers. At present she is in Los Angeles. Kristen is so grief-stricken after the breakup with Pattinson, that whenever she tries to eat some food, she gets ill. The source added whenever anyone asks her to have a small bowl of soup, she refuses saying she just had her meal, which is obviously untrue or claims that she is feeling nausea so cant gulp down anything.

As her relationship with Pattinson has reached the dead end, Kristen is punishing herself by starving and torturing herself. Her inner turmoil is not making her live properly. Even though she cheated on Pattinson and had an affair with Rupert, it is definitely true that she loves Robert Pattinson the most, and is missing the man a lot! However ironically the trailer of the duo’s upcoming film “Breaking Dawn 2” has released sometime back, where we can see the duo together in love, may be for the last time! In the still photos from the upcoming movie, we can see the onscreen characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan very much in love, though in real life, the case is just reverse.

Next month, Kristen who is still hiding from the public eyes, due to her scandal with Rupert, will make her appearance in the Toronto International Film Festival which is to be held in Canada, sometime next month. She will be there at Toronto to promote her upcoming flick “On the Road”. It was also announced that she would be hosting the MTV Video Music Awards Ceremony with R Patz, but due to the unfortunate break up, she has cancelled such plans.

Kristen Stewart, the 22 years old movie star was in a relationship with Pattinson for 3 long years, until her cheating scandal came to forefront and Pattinson has ended the relationship. Kristen even apologised publicly for her cheating on Pattinson, but he is not ready to forgive and forget the past at all! As the release of Kristen-Pattinson starrer “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” is coming closer, the official conventions of the film is assumed not to be taking place in the presence of the ex-lovers, due to the newly changed circumstances.

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