Laura Ziskin is dead at 61

Los Angeles –  Laura Ziskin, the producer who gave us such films as Pretty which launched Julia Roberts to stardom and the Trilogy of Spiderman by Tobey McGuire, died on Sunday after battling cancer for seven years at the age of 61.


In a released statement from Sony Pictures, the producer died in her home in Los Angeles a hard fight with the deadly disease for seven years.


In the year 2008, together with Katie Couric, founded Stand Up To Cancer, which is a support group for people who are suffering from cancer.  Soon after on the same year, Ziskin produced the fun run for cancer.


Aside from movies, the well-known producer also comes up with Academy Awards broadcast two times. She also becomes the president of Fox 2000 Pictures, which is a film division of 20th Century Fox.


Perhaps, she is better known for making the film which started the rise of Tobey McGuire’s career in the three Spiderman movies.  As of now, franchise will revert back to the origin of the Spiderman.


If you are familiar with the movie “Fight Club which stars both actors Brad Pitt and Edward Norton then you knows how good this producer is.  During those times, she had angered a number of other studio executives.


Ziskin started his career as a personal assistant, from then on move to produce movies in the 80’s where she collaborated with actress Sally Field for “Murphy’s Romance.”


She then recruited the then young Kevin Costner and Dennis Quaid to be the star in their movies.


Soon enough in 2002, she becomes the first woman producer to televise the Oscar Broadcast.  For the first time, the show was offered at Kodak Theater in Hollywood, which is also the first time for Oscar stars appearance.


Those were her happy days, since she was diagnosed with the dreaded cancer in 2004.  After that, she undergoes numerous treatments like mastectomy, chemotherapy, a stem-cell transplant and radiation.  The cancer cell was eliminated but that was only for a short time since it returned in 2009.


The producer had left her husband, Alvin Sargent, the guy who writes the script for “Ordinary People,” and “Julia.”


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