LEAKED: Deepika And Ranveer Spotted Holidaying In New York

Looks like 2014 is going to be a year of leaks for Bollywood! While it started with Nargis Fakhri’s private moments with Uday Chopra getting viral on internet, the next on the ‘leak list’ was leaked bikini pictures of Sonam Kapoor.

Now joining this unfortunate list is now the current numero uno actress of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone. No, the dimpled beauty has not been clicked in bikini but yes, the leaked pictures do reveal her private moments.

As per reports, our ‘Leela’, who had immensely successful 2013, was in New York to spend her 28th birthday with her ‘Ram’, Ranveer Singh. And that was when the alleged couple got clicked!


Actually, the pictures which went viral on internet recently were clicked by an anonymous fan of the stars. Tracy Limbu had also posted her pictures on with the charming star, Ranveer Singh.


Alongside the picture, Tracy had tweeted, “Ranveer Singh is such a sweet heart. Deepika got mad cuz people were surrounding her too much lol.”

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To prove that yes the lady with Ranveer was Deepika, she even posted a picture where we can spot Deepika’s famous ‘RK’ tattoo at the back of her neck.

While rumour mils were ablaze for the two hot stars affair since the ‘ram-Leela’ days, they had constantly maintained their stand of being ‘just good friends’. They had been continuously denying any such news and had laughed at it claiming it be ‘rubbish’.

However, with their trip’s pictures being released in public, we wonder what do they have to say now!

It is to be noted when Katrina and Ranbir’s private holiday pictures had leaked, Deepika was too cool about the incident.  She had been recorded quoting, “It has never happened with me. I believe if you are a celebrity or public figure… these things are bound to happen. And I don’t think you can accuse anybody of anything. If I am a public figure and if someone has captured me then I feel I should have been a little careful.”

We just wonder what our shining star has to say now! Will she shy away again or accept it like she had accepted her relationship with Ranbir few years back? We will see!


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