Madhuri demands 5 Crores for a movie!

According to the latest reports Madhuri Dixit is demanding Rs 5 crores for her next script. Apparently it is the same amount of money which only actresses like Katrina, Kareena and Priyanka can afford to charge these days and as it appears Madhuri still thinks that she is equal to all three of them if not better.

Its true that Madhuri Dixit has a huge fan following world wide and she is an actress of a massive charisma but its her age which is going against her. Also because her last movie “Aaja Nachle” flopped in 2007 no movie maker will want to take a risk with her by giving her 5 crores.

According to her publicist Rinku she has already declined four film makers who had come to her with their scripts as she was not willing to lower her quote. He also specified that Madhuri deserves the price she is asking and the film makers should be proud that she is willing to make a movie with them.

But according to trade analysts Madhuri should not charge such a whopping amount if she is serious about making a come back in Bollywood as she is not the top actress any more.

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