Make-up time!

The beautiful Tanushree Dutta has been willing to give all her fans an advice on how to maintain beautiful and how to wear make-up to bring out the best features one has. So, ladies, pay attention! There are a few tricks she is using to seem fresh all day long.

First of all, she is careful to use a foundation as close as possible to her skin color. Using a lighter color will make one look darker. Another thing one should do is use a moisturizing cream before starting to apply the actual make-up. This helps with the pores problem. She also advices women not to use products with lead, which cause damage to the skin. Choosing a liquid eye liner over the regular eye pencils makes the wrinkles seem more fade. Tanushree is always encouraging women to use colors for their make-up. She loves to wear pinks and reds, for a maximum effect.

Tanushree started in Bollywood after winning many beauty pageants, and apparently the secret for her beauty is to take care of her face every day.

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