Malaika’s top priority: her family

Mumbai: The famous actress Malaika Arora Khan made a big confession these days.

We all know her as “Munni” recently. The Bollywood “item girl” makes some sporadic appearances in films, lately being seen more on television in a dance reality show. She did say that family comes first, for her! Her top priority is spending time with her husband Arbaaz, and her son, Arhaan. She explained that if she goes out for an entire day, she tries to spend the previous day entirely with her family.

They love watching films together, especially those with Salman Khan, and Arhaan likes films most. Malaika is pleased that her son understands that the films are just work, and nothing more.

Malaika is known for her svelte body as well. She did confess, however, that she never took working out as her priority. She says she has better things to do before that. She also emphasized she doesn’t believe in “size zero”, and that she prefers to work out and is never on a diet. She does not want to be thin, just fit.

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