Malaysia Vasudevan suffered cardiac arrest

New Delhi: All our prayers are now with the singer Malaysia Vasudevan, who is not in his best state of health. The singer is feeling terrible, and this morning his state of health worsened. Malaysia Vasudevan was admitted in the hospital this morning, accusing serious chest pain.

The doctors have taken good care of the singer, but his state seems to be pretty bad. He has suffered cardiac arrest, and is now in critical condition. Even so, he is very well taken care of, and is now under observation for another 48 hours. The singer is now in Chennai, at the best hospital in the city, and he is in the best possible hands.

Malaysia Vasudevan originates from Malaysia, from a family of singers, and he himself chose this career and style of life. In his entire career, he has sung almost 8,000 songs in Tamil only. Another approximately 4,000 songs were sung by the artist in other South Indian films.

Malaysia Vasudevan’s daughter has also followed this path. Prashanthini is a very successful playback singer in Kollywood.

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