Mildred Baena finally spoke

London – Mildred Baena, the housemaid who had a past relationship with the former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger finally broke her silence last Tuesday.  She tells a magazine company that she did admit to Mariah Shriver that she got an earlier relationship with her husband.


On Hello! Magazine, the mistress finally spoke about the past relationship with Schwarzenegger.   As she confesses her story with the wife of Schwarzenegger, Mariah was quick to say that it is not her fault.


As Baena narrates her recent conversation with Shriver, she added that she was a strong woman.  Shriver first told her to get off her knees and then hugged her; she answered Shrivers statement that it was not all Arnie’s fault as she shared the same feeling with Arnold.


Before the whole scandal was publicized, Shriver already has a hint of what is going on with the Baena and the former governor.  In one instance, Shriver would say that she is always there if she wants someone to cry on.


The housekeeper’s son was only told of her real father a year ago.


Baena knows how the governor is suffering and thus she hopes that his family will recover someday.


Baena told the magazine that Schwarzenegger was a good man who had fall in to his weakness.  She added that he really loves Shriver.


Schwarzenegger and Shriver ended their love story last June when they announced of their separation after loving each other for 25 years.  Lately, Shriver has taken the initiative to leave their house in Brentwood.


In a joint statement, they said that they want to continue parenting their four children as they are the light and the center of their lives.  They don’t want comment anymore since this is a private matter, no one can force them to talk about it anymore, adding that they need some compassion and respect from other people.


Arnold Schwarzenegger is about to shoot his latest film.  This would be the first drama role that he has accepted.  His reps are also in negotiations with new Terminator movie.  As part of his move to come back in acting, he will voice out the Stanley’s latest creation, the Governator.



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