Minissha Lamba plays TV reporter in Joker!

The “innocent” girl of Bollywood Minissha Lamba is watching television with a different perspective these days as she has landed the role of a tv reporter in Shirish Kundher’s next project Joker. Minissha who has so far maintained a fine balance between commercial roles and off beat cinema is taking the help of the idiot box to learn more about her character in Joker.

Minissha commented “I’m watching a lot of television in preparation for the role especially news channels. One watches them all the time, but it’s really a matter of figuring out a style that you would like to adopt.” When asked about her role of a journalist in Shaurya she clarified “It’s different from Shaurya. There I was a print journalist in a conflict environment. Here I play a television reporter. This is a softer character. She’s got a babe in the woods kinda feel to her.”The actor also claimed that the role in Joker had a soft feel to it than the character in Shaurya.

Apparently the reason why she was selected for the role was that Shirish Kundher was convinced that Minissha had the right innocent face which would suit the role perfectly.


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