Morgan Freeman is praised by other celebrities

California – Actor Morgan Freeman has been awarded the American Film Institute’s Life Achievement Award, an award which was given only to a few people that has changed the movie industry.

Some of the stars who were present during the ceremony were Clint Eastwood, Sidney Poitier, Helen Mirren, Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Robbins and Forest Whitaker.  All of them were proud of what their colleague has accomplished.

The room is filled with many of his friends.  Freeman had to listen to all the stars all night long as they praised him in every way.

Jackson said that Freeman is the inspiration for him.

Whitaker called him in every good way he could think off.  He added that he is like that both in real life and in the movies.

Robbins said that he was honored to have work with the actor.  Freeman immediately blows a a kiss as his response to the praise that he got.

The ceremony lasted for three and half hours are packed with some movie clips from some of his movies.  Among the clips that are shown are ‘Glory’, ‘Seven’, ‘Driving Miss Missy’, ‘Bruce Almighty’ and ‘Evan Almighty.’

Freeman shared that he knew that someday, he will be playing as God in the movie.  He just need to be sure that when this time comes it will be a comedy movie and not something serious.

When the actor Clint Eastwood spokes, he said that although loving another man is improper but all he knows is that he love him in a way that will never be as close as a couple.  It would only be for a friend.

Freeman said that this event is uncomplicated to accept yet it is always hard to believe.  Where he comes from, such event like this can be called as though he was walking on cotton.  For him, he considered heaven as just like the movies.

The actor then said on his final statement that he is really proud for becoming an actor and to be meeting each of his friends.  This one night event, this is the only time that he felt like a real star.




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