Na Bole Tum.. Na Maine Kuch Kaha – A Refreshing Change

It has just been almost a month that Na Bole Tum…Na Maine Kuch Kaha replaced the popular BIG BOSS at the 10:30 PM slot on Colors. But even less than a month the show has brought a refreshing change to viewers and some really memorable moments to make it a hit amongst the audiences especially kids.

The show premiered on the 9th of January 2012 and ever since the promos have been on air, the show has been awaited with eager eye. Now that it is doing fantastically well, COLORS seem to have strike the chords right again.

However the show’s leading pair Akanksha Singh playing Megha Vyas and Kunal Kapoor playing Mohan Bhatnagar have been responsible to take the show to a new peak with the crackling chemistry and characterisation they share on screen.

Kunal especially has had a great camaraderie with kids on and off screen. From playing Spiderman to playing pranks, Mohan a.k.a Kunal does it all.

Leaving no far behind is Akanksha Singh who with her strong character of Megha brings poignancy to the screen. Her theatre background makes her delivery on screen strong and puts forth a strong emotional connect the audiences. Also the expressions and dialogues make her victimized character stronger than similar characters of other shows.

The drama also has an interesting plot and is a refreshing change in the age of same old couple oriented love stories. A protagonist who is a widow and a young lad’s story and a new cast and an engaging plot goes all with the serial.

The treatment that the show has, is different from other shows and thus emerges as a strong winner in eyes of audiences. It fills the slot left by BIG BOSS aptly and it is no way an easy task to replace a successful show with a new one. But Na Bole Tum…has proved that a good story could achieve success if packaged well.

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