Newbie Fashionista “Evelyn Sharma” in conversation with BollyGraph!

Half Indian Half German, gorgeously beautiful, Evelyn Sharma, debuting with Bollywood with a rom-com “From Sydney with Love” is in talks of the tinsel town for her oomph and beauty. She is super-talented and the notable factor about her is that even before her first flick has hit the screens, she has five big projects lined up. Her upcoming projects are with Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani; Isaaq with Prateik Babbar; Divya Kumar’s Yaariyan; Nautanki Saala with Kunal Roy Kapoor and Ayushmann Khurrana.

It is all keeping her busy and yet she converses with Bollygraph before her film FSWL comes out on 31st Aug, 2012.


Q. Touted as the newbie fashionista and the next big thing of tinsel town, amidst all those comparisons with being the next Katrina Kaif of Bollywood, how are you coping?

A. Haha. Sometimes I feel like they are talking about other person than me. Most of the times, I don’t realize that five movies are actually a really big deal. I’m still the same small town girl inside and like to keep my life simple.

Q.Days afore, you had done a sexy, jaw-dropping photoshoot alongside Arjun Rampal for a magazine Hello! India, and it has been splashing all over the news, what were your equations with smashingly hot Arjun Rampal and what you feel about the photoshoot?

A. Arjun is hot! What more to say? Haha

Q. You dub for yourself, any particular reasons for opting to do so?

A. Yes. I think it’s very important for a good performance to use your own voice. Only you know what emotion you felt in the scene.

Q. Having five films in your kitty, that too before your debut movie is yet to be out in the open, which makes you the first of the kind in the tinsel town. How do you feel about that?

A. It tastes fantastic. My friend told me once that I’m this successful because I enjoy the ride and take the good things that come my way without questioning too much.

Perked Up:

If not in movies or on TV, where else would we see you?
–          Probably nowhere and everywhere! I love to travel so I always keep moving.

One thing not many know about you:
–          I play World of Warcraft.

You were embarrassed when:
–          I get embarrassed all the time. I’m really clumsy.

Complete: I am _________ maniac.
–          I am a music maniac.

If you were one out of the only two people left on the Earth, and the other one was the same sex as you, would you turn lesbian?
–          Uh. Probably? Haha. I think if two people spend too much time together they will fall in love sooner or later. It happens to me all the time. Well… With boys so far.

Director you are fervently waiting to work with:
–          Imtiaz Ali Khan.

One thing for which you would like to be remembered after death:
–          Making a good impact in this world.

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