No love scenes in ‘Race 2’

Even thought actress Sonakshi Sinha is only at the beginning of her career in Bollywood entertainment industry, she has already walks in the footsteps of her mentor Salman Khan and started laying down conditions. Sonakshi is merely at her second film in Bollywood and already has a few conditions. She refuses to wear revealing closes or to act in bedroom scenes for the film ‘Race 2’.

Sources confirm the news that the young actress said very politely yet firm that she will not expose in the film. Rumors all over town are that lately it seems that Salman Khan is the one making all of the decisions for her regarding her professional career.

Even thought the first part of the movie ‘Race 1’ was quite a steamy one, the actress refuses to submit to the producers desires regarding this aspect. She refused to accepted even thought the director explained it to her that the steamy scenes wore more than necessary so that the story of the film would be better presented.

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