The Original Climax Of ‘Sholay’ That You Never Saw

To say that ‘Sholay’ is a blockbuster would be an understatement. The Ramesh Sippy directed movie that released in 1975 has been hailed as the most iconic movie of Hindi Cinema since decades. It is cult that every Indian must have seen in their life. And to cash on the cult status of the movie, the makers of movie released in a 3D version this Friday. While the 3D version of the Amitabh-Dharmendra starer is seeing decent foothalls, we present you an amazing side of the movie.

As you must have seen that Thakur gets Gabbar arrested by police in the movie, did you know this most accomplished piece of cinema was actually rejected by the Censor Board? Yes, you read it right. The movie was not approved by the Censor Board initially.

Actually, the writer duo Salim-Javed had written a different end of the story. In the original version of the story, Gabbar was to be killed by Thakur. Though disabled, Thakur had a customized pair of shoes with sharp nails in it soles. The same was shot and was a part of the movie as the ending when it was presented for Censor Board’s certification.

But our Censor Board, as it has always been, could digest the end. The Board officials thought it would send a message that criminals should be killed. Calling it violent and provoking, the Board officials had rejected it. And then, with no option left, Ramesh Sippy along with his talented thought of a different climax and shot it, calling the actors again. In the new climax, the director shot Gabbar being arrested by police and the Censor happily approved this version. It is the same version of the movie that was released then and now too.

But here we present you the never released ending of the cult classic. Watch it here.


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