Be Ready to Bodyguard Salman and Kareena

Are you all set to bodyguard Salman and Kareena when they visit your city? Well, movie makers are looking for innovative ways to promote their new movies and this week Salman Khan’s Bodyguard will be out in the movie halls. This is exactly why there is so much of promotion happening. The director and the crew of the film has come up with an innovative Bodyguard contest where winners get to meet Salman and Kareena up close and personal and even to bodyguard them for one entire day. bodyguard salman kareena

The promotions will go ahead in all the cities where Salman and Kareena will travel for the publicity of the movie. This promotion has received immense response and there are lakhs of people pouring in from all over India to become one day bodyguard for Salman and Kareena. Salman and Kareena will now be moving to Kanpur where they will promote the movie. Now that the news is already out, the directors and crew received 2.5 lakh applications in Kanpur itself to be Salman’s bodyguard. It seems like that people of Kanpur are all set to be up close and personal with their Bollywood action icon and be their bodyguard.

The winners will definitely enjoy the fame and limelight for a day because they will travel Kanpur with Salman and Kareena Kapoor. Most of the common people have applied for Bodyguard contest. Atul Agnihotri, producer of Bodyguard said that there has been overwhelming response and it has become difficult for us to select one person from lakhs of applications. However, they will go ahead with the contest and one lucky winner will have the opportunity to be with Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor for one entire day while they are touring Kanpur to promote their new movie. Bodyguard will be released on August 31 when Eid and Ganesh Chaturthi festival begins.

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