Preity Zinta and Brett Lee on a secret date

Kings XI Punjab’s Owner Preity Zinta and Kolkata Knight Rider’s speedstar Brett Lee were spotted last night having a cozy dinner at Mumbai’s celeb hotspot, Olive. They were there for over two hours. The duo have been denying having any relationship all this while but they seem to be finding tough to stay away from each other. They have been friendly for a few years now, and have been spotted together before. But he latest we hear is that they had a secret night-out a couple of days ago, the due dined for over two hours and were immersed in a deep conversation, however, the duo apparently took to their heels when the restaurant authorities informed them of the presence of the photographers. They insisted the management to get rid of the photographers, but after an unsuccessful attempt they came up with an excellent idea, while exiting Brett faced the photographers, while the Preity snuck out the back entrance. Whatever be the case, few days back the scenery was totally different when Brett Lee was seen flirting with Deepika at Shahrukh Khan’s Party. Well Brett is in dilemma I guess, can’t make out his mind, who’s pretty ?

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