Public apology from SRK

It is common knowledge that the Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan really likes to have lots of friends. A few years ago he had one of the largest group of friend in Bollywood and was very admired for this. However at the present day, it seems that things are not looking s good for SRK, as he has managed to lose a number of his close friends over the years.

Probably this is the reason why actor Shahrukh Khan decided to make a public apology, admitting his mistakes in the past. When invited at the TV show ‘Koffee with Karan’, SRK saw it as the perfect moment to bury the old hatchet of war.

He want really much to be friends again with Salman Khan with whom had an argument a few years back on Katrina Kaif’s birthday. SRK also want to be forgiven by his dear friend Farah Khan with whom has upset because she chose Akshay Kumar over him to be the leading man in her film ‘Tees Maar Khan’.

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