Quiet time for Payal

Party, Party, Party! That’s what the New Year is all about. The Bollywood celebrities make no exception from the rule. Well, at least not all celebrities. Some preferred to stay home and spend the holiday with the closest family members, all in peace and quiet. Our readers may not believe this, but yes! There are such celebrities.

The actress Payal Rohtagi is one of them. She refused to go out and party with all her friends, wanting to spend some time with her mother.

When speaking of this, the actress explained that she is socializing with her friends all year round, and with her colleagues as well, due to her profession. As she had some time off work, the actress only wanted to spend it quietly.

She added that she has felt excellent, and she thought it was great to visit the gurudwara, and spoke about her meaningful experience.

This leaves us with one question: What happened to make her want to hide away? Or are we just being mean and cannot understand the quality of her holiday? Ya, right!

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