Ra.One in alternate endings

Mumbai:  After the release of the successful “Ra.One”, the DVD sales are even more sought after. The latest buzz is that the DVDs will feature different endings for the same film. Talk about hard to decide!

The Hollywood home video companies have used this aspect to their advantage, but the Bollywood films have very rarely chosen to adopt this concept and release alternate endings to the same film. “Sholay” and “Silsila” were the only two films in the history of the Bollywood film industry to have chosen this option.

The King has given it a great deal of thought, initially only toying with this concept. He later decided that the risk was too high to release alternate endings for the theatrical versions, but tested the impact it would have on the DVDs.

Shah Rukh wants to introduce the idea of interactive film endings, and for Ra.One, he asked for opinions from all those willing to share. His own personal version came along those of experts, laymen and his own children, Suhana and Aryan.

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