Raageshwari on Being Evicted From Bigg Boss

The fifth season of Bigg Boss finally seems to be on a smooth roll. Gossip, politics, friendships and fights almost all the ingredients of a commercially successful reality show seem to be evolving from every moment of the show. The show which is all about a few celebrities being locked about in a single house for months on end with no contacts from the outside world is being co-hosted by the superstars Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt.

The latest eviction from the reality show was singer Raageshwari Loomba. The singer feels that her eviction was inevitable as she preferred staying at bay from controversies and house fights. Neither did she create many conflicts nor could she grab any attention.

“I could not create conflicts in the house and that led to my eviction. But even by indulging into conflicts I did not want to win eyeballs. I feel that is not the only way (to win the hearts of people),” she commented on her eviction.

The trigger for her nomination was her failure is completing a secret task. Once she was nominated she ended up being eliminated from the show last night.

When questioned about the non-acceptance of non-controversial folks on the show, all the singer had to say was, “I hope one day people will accept non-controversial people. People must get inspired by them as they seek love and peace. These are the only things that make wonders.”

Raageshwari had recently recovered from facial paralysis and only entered the Bigg Boss house to prove to the masses that being positive helps a lot in many ways, “All I wanted to do is spread love and peace. I have always tried to bridge the gap between contestants.” In addition the singer also expressed that she had absolutely no desire to get back on the show via a wild card entry.

She considers herself quite different from others and it never will be an ‘eye for eye’ policy anywhere on this earth. Spreading love all around her is what she actually believes in. According to her contestants should keep themselves occupied or they end up missing their loved ones. Raageshwari did miss her parents and dog a lot while in the house. She got into the show merely for an experience is what she ended with.

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