Ranbir Kapoor Bags A Rs. 25 Crore Deal

The Kapoor lad, Ranbir Kapoor, who was always touted to be the next thing in B-Town has always seen glory on his way. Making a debut with the the very famous ‘towel act’, the ‘Besharam’ actor has always been charming the spectators. While with every movie, he proved his mettle, he has been riding high on the advertisement front too.

It was not very long that the Junior RK was reported to charge a whopping Rs. 12 crores for Oreo biscuits, and the latest news that he has raised his standards once again. The ‘Rockstar’ actor has allegedly charged a blockbuster amount of Rs. 25 crores for endorsing a chips brand. Yes, you heard it right. 25 crores!


A supreme name in the Ad-World, Ranbir is said to be very choosy about the brand that he endorses, and that is the reason he is banking in enormous deals.

As per reports, the commercial will be shot once Ranbir returns from his New York vacation that he is having with his alleged girlfriend, Katrina Kaif. The commercial will be shot not in one or two days but in a good period of four days. Also, the company has hired him to make appearances wherever and whenever they will ask him too.


Interestingly, reports claim that Ranbir was not the first choice for the deal. The brand was in touch with two other stars for the deal but that didn’t happen for reasons best known to them. And that was when the young superstar popped in to much the chips.

Incidentally, Ranbir’s jijaji Saif Ali Khan is the Brand Ambassador of the same wafer company. However, Ranbir has not replaced him but the saala-jija duo will endorse the brand together.


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