Recession stays back in Bollywood for Akshay Kumar & John Abraham

Though for the world economy, recession is a thing of the past, it looks like Bollywood doesn’t think so. Khiladi Akshay Kumar & John Abraham latest film, Desi Boyz, revolves around two men who come up with bizarre things to battle the down turn. They play rivals in the movie who lose their jobs and then compete with each other as pole dancers in the same night club.

The film marks the debut of Director Rohit Dhawan, son of David Dhawan. The movies’ theatrical promo made its debut along-with Shahid Kapoor & Sonam Kapoor starrer Mausam. Incidentally, the film was first offered to Sonam Kapoor & also to Anushka Sharma but eventually the roles went to Deepika Padukone & Chitrangada Singh. The film will see the fresh pairing of Deepika with John & Chitrangada with Akshay Kumar and will be released on 25th November.

Desi Boyz has been in news recently for quite a few things. Firstly there was the revelation that lead actress Chitrangada will be performing a sensuous salsa number which proved to be quite gruesome to this actress and is believed to have landed her up with almost 10 band aids on each of her foot. Next came, Akshay & John daring act for the title track of the movie. The two actors performed a helicopter stunt that too without a harness. The film posters include only the two actors & Deepika Padukone while Chitrangada was been left out. The director however claims that she is the surprise package of the film & for the same reason hasn’t been included on the posters.

Whatever the case maybe, the promo of the movie is quite entertaining, & we hope the Jodi of Akshay & John can create the same Garam Masala, they created some 6 years ago.


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