REVEALED: Aamir Khan plays an alien in ‘Peekay’

Aamir Khan, who is so secretive and protective about his work that he did not even release full songs of ‘Dhoom:3’ before the movie hit the theatres, is sure to get disappointed to read this. Reason being that some important information about his next movie, ‘Peekay’ has been leaked.

Reportedly, Aamir plays an alien who chooses to land on Earth by choice. Yes, you read it write, Aamir who was speculated to play a Bihari in the movie is actually an alien, from a planet unknown. This is the reason why the superstar has been spotted wearing women clothing as the alien cannot decide what is apt for him to wear.


Another big revelation about the movie is that Aamir has given a nude scene in the movie too. The actor will be introduced in the movie like Arnold Schwarzenegger did in ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’. As per sources from the team, the ‘Dhoom’ star gave the shot without any hesitation and did not wear a single cloth. The shot was taken with minimal members on the sets, restricting any leak.

As per insiders, the scene was part of the original script and everyone was skeptical if Aamir would do the scene. But surprising everyone our Mr. Perfectionist agreed to do the scene saying he has faith in Raju Hirani. Even the makers were surprised by Aamir’s bold move as they were roping some body-double for the scene.

Scheduled to release in June, 2014, the movie is directed by Raju Hirani and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

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