REVIEW: ‘Jai Ho’ Is Salman Kahn’s ‘Munnabhai’

“Army mein reh kar ya politician bankar hi desh ki seva ki jaaye, yeh jaroori nahin” was a dialogue by Geeta (played by Tabu). Tabu is Jai’s sister who firmly believes in what his brother stands for – to bring a change. He is an aam aadmi on mission to make this world a better place.

‘Jai Ho’ is a movie that has been made with all the right intentions. The focus isn’t on making it a movie following the ‘hit formula’ but with a heart. It’s obvious that the movie boasts of larger than life Salman but the movie is surely not repetitive. You won’t yawn while watching it. It is sure to excite you.

‘Jai Ho’ is Salman Khan’s noble attempt that using his stardom to bring an actual change in society. The other Khan who has been doing it in the past is Aamir Khan but does Salman succeeds in delivering a movie of Aamir’s standards? Let’s analyse.

Jai Agnihotri is an ex-army man who is now a garage mechanic. Always seen with his friends, Jai has a small family of his mother and a married sister. A crusader of sorts, Jai is known to help everyone and encourage them to do the same. And in due course, he tangles his fists with the Home Minster’s (played by Danny) men and daamaad. Following Jai’s tod-phod is an immediate attack is on Jai’s sister, Geeta. A menacing goon has his hands on her izzat and calls Jai to watch it.

And Jai, he runs to the rescue. Seeing his sister in hands of goons, Jai gets into his bone-crunching mode and beats every henchman with his muscle power. So much that he shakes the Home Minister too. the home Minster is so disturbed of Jai that his mission is to stir Jai’s family. To start with, he gets Jai’s bhanja kidnapped, starting an open battle between them. Meanwhile, we see Jai motivating people with his ‘Pay It Forward’ inspired mantra. But does he succeed in hi noble deed? What is the Home Minister doing to get Jai killed? Will he be successful in his evil acts? Or will Jai finish his game? The questions are answered in the climax where all the sub-plots intersects.


To begin with, I would say that Jai is real life Salman. The character has been modeled on Salman’s ever-growing good boy image. We had seen a similar attempt in Sanjay Dutt’s ‘Munnabhai’ series too but Salman is Salman. He doesn’t follows the path of peace and love. He has the right only to break ribs. Not only ribs, he  breaks the rules of filmmaking too. He dances is own moves, delivers his own dialogues and does his own acting. The film rides on his super stardom. Only Salman could have carried this movie.

Talking about direction, well, it isn’t pleasing. Sohail Khan is still in his ‘Pyarr Kiya Toh Darna Kya’ moo. His movie does have its heart at the right place but the story isn’t coherent. Songs break at the wrong points, the romance is pale and characters are sketchy. Even Salman’s character has a very brief backstory. The story is a lackluster that fails while following director Raju Hirani’s style of filmmaking.

Acting wise, you cannot comment on Salman. He is what he is, effortless is characters tailor-made for him. Only he can play a garage mechanic who has an expensive house and bike and has a girl running behind him too.

The only actor who actually shines in the movie is Tabu. Her portrayal of Salman’s strong sister to watch-out for. The talented actress easily slips into her role. Apart from her, all the characters make brief or sidelined appearances. Even Daisy Shah, her character has been given a small screen space and she fails to make a mark in acting in those moments. Her expressions are limited but dancing wise, she is commendable. Her waist sways effortlessly and her toned abdomen delights you too. Genelia looks beautiful in her brief cameo and other characters aren’t much convincing even if you don’t care about anyone other than Salman. Mahesh Manjrekar, Daany, Ashmit Patel, Suniel Shetty, Aditya Pancholi, Sana Khan and others do not impress you much. But there’s Pulkit Samrat and Santosh Shulka impresses you. Specially Santosh Shukla, the man who succeeds in making his mark – Santosh Shukla. His entry is sure to provoke you to reward him with a seetii.  The well-built guy has a very appealing screen presence and will definitely gown in such roles if doesn’t fall for cheap and duplicate movies.

About the songs, they are an incline. Neither they are composed well or picturised. It looked as if songs were there just because ‘Hindi films should have songs’. ‘Photocopy’ appears to be the only that will be enjoyed. Others are just clipped around the movie, forgettable.


On the whole, ‘Jai Ho’ is on the lines of Salman’s previous blockbusters and is not as well. The action is terrific, making you hoot for India’s favourite superstar but the movie fails to deliver its message. Salman’s message doesn’t encourage you like Munnaibhai did. But even though, the movie will be praised by his die-hard fans, it will be criticized by his haters for a social message delivered unconvincingly. I would settle for three stars for the movie as it is a celebration  of Salmanism and there’s nothing bad in that. A must watch for Salman’s fans!

Weather it will break the box-office records or not is one keenly awaited thing.



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