Robot – a worldwide hit

Mumbai: The making of the film “Robot” had some major issues, but the problems were overcome and now the film is successful, we might say. One thing that really helped with the publicity and the promotion of the film was the rumor and the entire motion caused by the budget of the film.

Reports about the budget of the film were always making the headlines of magazines and news papers. The release of the film was highly awaited, thanks in a great part to these rumors. The entire world could see the film on the 1st of October, when the film hit the theaters worldwide.

Almost four months after the big release of the flick, “Enthiran” (the Indian name of the film “Robot”) became the biggest hit in a long time. In fact, the movie is now officially one of the highest earners in Bollywood film industry, and the entire India, ever since its beginning.

“Enthiran” has brought a profit of Rs. 179 crores, and the total cost of its production reached Rs. 132 crores.

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