When Salman Got Angry At Subhash Ghai’s Students!

salman_angry_19_03_2014Salman Khan has always had anger management issues with him. More than his movies, the actor has been news for gussa-s and panga-s in the past. And now, the latest addition in the list is an incident that happened recently at Subhash Ghai’s acting school, Whistling Woods.

It so happened that the superstar was in the school for some work and was passing by the corridor with the acclaimed director. While the two biggies were talking and discussing things, Salman noticed a few students sitting on a couch in the corridor. Salman thought that the students would stand up, respecting Subhash and Salman. However, the students didn’t. And that fumed Salman. The actor considered this as a disrespect for the senior director and scolded the students.

While Salman made them stand and chided them for disrespecting their Principal, he taught how tough life would be out of the campus. The actor was heard of saying them that they may enjoy it here, but they will never be successful until they learn to respect their elders. Though Subhash Ghai tried to intervene and defend his students, saying he passes many times a day and they cannot stand up every time, Salman was in no mood of letting it go. The ‘Dabangg’ made the students apologize a number of times in front of Subhash Ghai.

While Subhash was heard of praising Salman as a well-behaved guy, the students learnt a great lesson of life that day!

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