Salman Khan suffering from jaw pain again: Is more bad news lurking?

When a Bollywood star or an Indian cricketer goes through any personal life crisis, the whole nation seems to hold its breath. It’s been only six months that our macho man Salman Khan underwent surgery to treat trigeminal neuralgia. But just when life seemed to be racing back to normalcy, the dreaded jaw pain has made its reappearance.

The net is abuzz with the news that the ‘Dabangg’ actor has been struck with a severe jaw pain again. He is presently busy shooting in Cuba alongside ex-flame Katrina Kaif for ETT. During his shoot, a sharp pain shot through his jaws that may be related to his 7-year long association with trigeminal neuralgia, a neuropathic ailment in which the patient experiences sudden bouts of incalculable pain in face.

Salman is on medication and not unduly worried about the incident. But there is a possibility of an underlying knot in his jaw. Fortunately, as per reports, this fresh pain isn’t as severe as what he was undergoing last year prior to his surgery. Nevertheless, the actor needs reassessment to rule out any major complications.

It is believed that trigeminal neuralgia is a disease (much like diabetes or blood pressure) that cannot be completely cured; rather it can be controlled or managed. And Salman is prepared to live life like a king despite the pain. 6 months back, he had travelled to US where he went under the surgeon’s knife to remove some blockages inside the mouth. Speaking of his disease (which he had been silently enduring for the past 7 years), Salman had remarked that the facial pain, at times, was so intense that it took him over an hour just to eat an egg.

The ailment had also had an effect on his voice which became a bit harsh over the years. Though the surgery (in US) was a successful one, the recent shot of pain raises concerns amongst his fan following. We wish him a complete & speedy recovery! Amen!

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