Sara Khan Married

When the Bollywood celebrity came out of the Big Boss House, Sara Khan felt a bit depressed, as find out that her parents were against her marriage with Ali. It seems that her parents have made the statement that Ali and Sara were already married two years ago. Sara Khan was very surprised to find this out, and is very disappointed about the false accusation of her parents regarding her marriage.

In a recent interview, Sara Khan stated that she still can’t get used to be a married woman. She is still a bit shaken up about the controversy regarding her recent marriage with Ali, which took place in Big Boss House. She cannot explain what happened until today.

As everybody already knows, Sara and Ali were an item by over three years, but they got married on the reality show called the Big Boss House. At the present moment she does not want to comment on everything that happened. After she will settle home she will see all the footage and state her opinion.

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