Satyamev Jayate, 10th June, Episode 6: Persons with Disabilities-We Can Fly !

This Sunday, opened with an issue that had been seldom talked about in our country. There are about 6-7 crore persons with disabilities in our “developing country” India, and the as for the government stats, only 2-3 % exist , though few years from now they didn’t even make to the records and before 2001 India had officially nothing mentioned on records about disabled persons.

The show opened with Shreya Chaturvedi living in New Delhi with her mother and who cannot walk. She gleefully chirps “My mom loves me a lot. I share everything with my mom not as a daughter but as a friend. I love my mom, I love my teachers, I love my school and I love my house.” She lives her life without any complains and loves the way she is.But are all willing to accept people like Shreya merrily in our so called modern society?

Aamir laid emphasis on equal rights that are to be enjoyed by each and every resident of our nation whether with or without their disabilities. Sai Prasad, says that he doesn’t have any problem with his disability,but what makes his life even more difficult is the infrastructural disability of India. Which is true in itself, there are a lot of challenges faced by them in actuality on public places where there are no infrastructural facilities available to help the disabled in any possible way.

Krishnakant Mane, the happy go lucky lad, who is visually impaired and working with IIT as project leader and handling a team of 20 people, he claims to enjoy his life like normal people.“Never feel yourself weak and inferior and take your own responsibility. Don’t take the world for granted. The world is going to be kind and cruel to everyone and that is how it should be. I would like to give this message to every parent that let your child go to a regular school and let him feel equal.” It was stated by many such brave-hearted souls seated in the audience.

Going to school is very important for the complete development of a child and Right to Education Act allows each and every child, irrespective to their disabilities, right to go to any school but when teachers were questioned regarding the admission of disabled children to a regular school, they simply put it this way that if a handicapped child is admitted, parents of other children object. So it is the sickened thought that first needs to be altered before claiming to alter the infrastructural sector. There are very few institutions like Amar Jyoti School, New Delhi where disabled and normal children study under the same roof, and Aamir visited this school and even talked to the Founder of the school and present day Principal, who want to spread their reach and want that in every corner of the country there should be schools like theirs that would treat everyone equal.

The pre-conceived notions that physically disabled people need sympathy, emotional support and pity, but instead all they need is a chance.

Javed Abidi from National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People sheds light on and says, “There are 6-7 crore disabled people in India. They should be given equal opportunity to study and work so that they can also contribute towards the economic growth of India.”

Nisha, a strong-willed, intelligent and lovely girl, who is suffering from Lamellar ichthyosis that affects only1 in 6 lakh people, has shown how courageous she when she was spat on my an educated illiterate woman in a shopping mall. Nisha’s foster mother was shocked at what she saw and was left speechless. People with decayed minds can only do such gross things.

Where there is a will there is always a way, the saying is proven right with Designmate, a web portal for e-learning, by Captain Kamaljeet Brar, having more than 270 employees who are disabled and is doing great business. There’s even a gym for the handicapped people, spearheaded by Joginder Singh Saluja,who is a weightlifting champion.

Aamir asked the audience “Should schools and colleges that do not become fully inclusive within the next five years be de-recognized?”

The show ended on a beautiful note with a sweet and outstanding performance by the members of Ability Unlimited, who left people astounded by their moves.

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Sixth episode of #SatyamevJayate comes to an end

Aamir Khan ends the show with a message. Did you like the sixth episode of #SatyamevJayate

Chance is all that is needed and they can even touch the sky. The episode opened eyes and made us ponder the world we live in is it really a better place or we can better it for those who should be accepted the way they are and not discarded as a waste paper. Its time to shed out the myths and accept the reality and help them in leading a life normal as ours.


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