Seema no longer in Bigg Boss House

The latest news in the Bollywood entertainment industry are related to the eviction Seema Parihar from the house of Bigg Boss. She and Sameer Soni and Khali were nominated to go from the reality show, but in the end the audience decided on her. However, anyone can say that Seema did play the game quit well, considering that she managed to stay in the show for quite a long time.

Probably the main reason for her long participation was the fact that she had an honest conduct and managed to era a large number of votes. Even though she does not possess a glam factor she impresses everybody thanks to her polite behavior.

During the evolution of the show, Seema was the only one who could have a good relationship with every member of the house. She even managed to have a good report with Shweta Tiwari. But how everything has to come to an end so did her participation in the Bigg Boss House. Now everyone is curious who will go next.

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