Shahid tries to woo Priyanka back!

Guess who is trying to woo Priyanka Chopra back? Yes it is none other than the Bollywood chocolate boy Mr.Shahid Kapoor himself who has been desperately trying to pacify his lady love ever since they broke up prior to his birthday bash.

According to the sources Shahid has been sending SMSs to Priyanka telling her how badly he missed her and how he wanted to get back with her since she returned from Bangkok after the shoot for Don 2 got over. Shahid has also been sending her favourite flowers to her but it seems that Priyanka is in no mood to get back with him as she has not responded to even a single message or SMS from Shahid.

Priyanks’s absence from Shahid’s birthday bash was taken as a sign that both of them had broken up but now it seems that Shahid still has feelings for her. It is speculated that PC deliberately scheduled her holiday in US so that she can get away from Shahid for some time which would allow her to clear her head and make a fresh start.

At the moment it seems that some common friends are trying to patch things up. Best of luck to them.


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