Shahrukh Khan having an extramarital affair with Priyanka Chopra: Truth or Fiction?

Bollywood is a strange world where almost everything is possible. While on one hand, we have seen a Salman Khan courting a 20-year younger Katrina Kaif, on the other hand, we have also witnessed an Aamir Khan using modern medical science to father a child. So, is it surprising that the devoted husband & father Shahrukh Khan is facing rumours of an extramarital romance with his co-star Priyanka Chopra?
Nah! It’s not an impossibility in today’s fast paced era. However, it’s a hard pill to digest for any of SRK’s fans and followers since the King Khan has a very reputed public image. But, of late, the rumour mills are churning out stories of an off-screen romance between SRK and Priyanka, the co-stars of ‘Don 2’.
While, none is going to buy this theory without substantial proof, yesteryear actress Neelam is facing some flak for, reportedly, spreading such false rumours. Though Neelam has denied her hand in generating such malicious reports, she has definitely been linked with it. True or not, it appears that Priyanka is completely miffed with Neelam for giving birth to such gossips. Reportedly, Piggy Chops and Neelam recently had a heated exchange over telephone about the saga (though, of course, both have completely denied any such ill-talks).
Interestingly, Neelam is a close friend of SRK’s wife Gauri. Gauri, of course, is not too happy with such talks revolving around her hubby. She is also not in very friendly terms with Priyanka and such reports will do no good to their relationship either.
As a conclusion, we may say, that it is highly unlikely that Shahrukh will cheat on his wife since he appears to be a family person with abundant love for Gauri & kids. May be, it’s nothing more than a silly joke that has taken the form of an ugly rumor.

Reader’s Opinion: Do you find SRK-Priyanka love story a truth or mere fiction?

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