Shahrukh Khan to release autobiography soon

Mumbai: The Bollywood super star none other the famous Shahrukh Khan has said in a recent statement that his autobiography is almost complete and ready to be released. The actor has been working on it for several years now and will be called ‘Twenty years In A Decade’. The book focuses on the personal and professional life of the 45 years old Bollywood celebrity, between the years 1991 and 2001.

The actor SRK admits that he has been working on the book in question for over ten years now. When asked about the title of the book – ‘Twenty Years In A Decade’ – the actor said that he named it so because he really felt that he lived a 20 years between 1991 and 2001. From what we have been able to find out from SRK himself, the autobiography is almost finished and when he will complete it one of these days he will go straight to his writers friends in order to edit the book and release it.

The Bollywood celebrity found the time to talk to reporters at the release of Kanika Dhillon’s debut book ‘Bombay Duck Is A Fish’. The actor said that his book is funny and full of hope just like he is. The book contains very personal things that have happened to the Bollywood celebrity. The actor admits that the favorite part of his book remains the chapter in which he mentioned his parents who died when the super star was rather young.

When reporters asked the super star if he would ever consider writing a film, SRK answered that he does not feel ready for that. In his opinion that’s the job of an expert. “That’s an expert thing to do,” said the actor. Well, we are sure that fans are really looking forward to the release of SRK’s autobiography.

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