Shakti “Aoooooo” Kapoor Praises Katrina

Mumbai: Katrina Kaif is very much in the spotlight now for her item number ‘Chikni Chameli’ in the movie ‘Agneepath’ which released recently on 26th of January. Bollywood actor of medival age ‘Shakti Kapoor’ said in this context that it is totally the hardwork of the actree that she has gained this level of appreciation from the viewers and fans. Shakti says that it is the dedication of Katrina that she has reached this position in the industry.

Shakti Kapoor who has seen many aspects of bollywood in his years of experience of ‘living’ the industry says that an actor has to work hard and give every bit of their dedication to the work in order to reach such great heights. This goes very true with Katrina Kaif who has quickly reached such levels and has gained such powers that a mere mention of her name nowadays brings heat to the news. Shakti Kapoor also said that had it not been her hard work, Katrina, who has come from London, could have never overpowered other Indian actresses to this extent. Katrina is much more desired and famous actress now than other Indian actresses.

Shakti Kapoor has wished Katrina with best wishes and has praised her hard work and dedication.

Shakti Kapoor, who is 59 now, was recently seen in the Indian reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ with other TV personalities competing to win the show. Unfortunately he was evicted from the house of Bigg Boss and couldn’t win the show. It seems when it comes to public voting Shakti’s luck didn’t favour him. The show gave Shakti a fresh gush of popularity after many days. The all time villain, comedian and ultimate entertainer was recently seen in a movie ‘Bin Bulaye Baraati’. The actor interacted with the media when he attended an event recently.

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