Shakti Kapoor may disappear from Big Boss’ realities

The realities of reality show Big Boss are too harsh to be imagined. The housemates oust any contestant, who is considered strong or having some good potentials to win viewers’ votes. So be it Ashmit Patel or Sherlyn Chopra, Rakhi Sawant or Kashmira Shah, all had good base of fans in the outside world and their opponents found it safer to throw them out of Big Boss house as soon as possible.

Therefore, it is quite unpredictable to say who wins the hearts, will win the self-proclaimed reality show of India. However, this is also true that not anybody coming to the Big Boss house is without controversies. Or, in other words, you can also say that Big Boss invites only those people who can create curiosity among viewers by their oddness or uniqueness be it negative or positive. Great Khali was invited last year so that people can enjoy seeing him taking his huge but usual diet of 24 eggs or numerous Chapatis.

Veena Malik, Pakistani actress was all over in news due to her dispute with Neetu Chandra and this gave her ample reasons to seduce viewers across the border with her bold real acts in Big Boss house.

This year, when contestants forBigg Boss Season 5, were being selected, Shakti Kapoor’s name appeared because he was also amidst controversies for accusations of luring new actresses and exploiting them recently.  Shradha Sharma, Mahek Chahal, Pooja Misrra and Juhi Parmar all have been given good tips on staying in continuous public glare by creating controversies and survive in the house. Among these, Pooja Misrra has so far proved herself most controversial and those who love gossip and conspiracies onscreen would love to see her as a vamp in Big Boss for longer time.

Dale Bhagwagar, an expert of reality shows feels that Shakti Kapoor might be thrown out of Big Boss as he has not created any controversy so far despite being in the house for last three weeks. Shakti Kapoor has also lost the charm of his once known dramatic acts and hus has reduced his base of fans outside Big Boss house.

Shaktiji has also been seen playing kitchen politics with other housemates, which demeans his positions despite being the house captain, and he has lost reputation among other housemates.

Slapping Miss Afghanistan Vida Samadzai’s butt, has brought him defame on the show. Even his long-time friend Pooja Bedi has also added n de-popularizing Shakti Kapoor by accusing him of backbiting and being not a good family man. And now, perhaps, it’s not his defame, rather Dale’s predictions that are following Shakti’s fate in Big Boss to see him outside the gate!

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