“She definitely has my heart now. I am seeing her.” – Sunny Gill tells Bollygraph

Sunny Gill , a known model recently made his acting debut in Jo Hum Chahen. He talks to Bollygraph about modeling, movies and confesses to us his love for his co-star Simran!

What state of mind were you in before the release of your movie?

Lots and lots of emotions! I was nervous, anxious and very very excited –it’s finally released on 16th. So….ya, mixed emotions.

What is Jo Hum Chahe about? Tell us about your character Rohan Bhatia.

It’s a young beautiful film about today’s youth and its aspirations. The youth today wants everything fast and very quickly – we want fast cars, fast women, fast money – and we don’t want to wait till tomorrow. My character Rohan Bhatia is an MBA graduate and he wants to get rich quickly so he becomes a stock broker. When he comes to Mumbai he realizes that everything is not really as it looks. In a way he is like me because I too want to make money quickly. He is a womanizer who runs behind girls and when he meets Simran Mundi’s character Neha Kapoor he realizes that she is a bit of a difficult catch. In the process of wooing her he actually falls in love with her. So it’s about the ups and downs in his life. In fact, jitney emotions main soch sakta tha ki meri pehli picture main honge use bhi kai jyaada hai. In short, it’s a fun filled movie about the youth, for the youth.

How much of Rohan is Sunny?

I think Rohan and Sunny have a lot of similarities. The main similarity is that Rohan Bhatia wants to make a lot of money quickly, so does Sunny Gill. Rohan wants success; so does Sunny – I don’t want to wait till tomorrow, I want my success today. Similarities kaafi hain, but differences bhi hain. Rohan can cross any line; there is no right or wrong for him. But I know what lines I should not cross.

Romance has always been the favorite genre of Bollywood. So how is Jo Hum Chahen different from other Bollywood romantic movies?

Director Puneet has worked before with Yash Raj films so no doubt he is very much inspired by them. Romantic movie will always be about a boy and a girl and how they meet and fall in love, but the way you present them to the audience matters. Puneet has shown love in a very different light. It’s beautiful and when you see the movie you feel that you have seen a lot in the two hours’ time span. It’s a full on masala, paisa vasool movie.

It was fun working with my co-star Simran Mundi. We first met during the one month workshop before the shoot of the film –this is when the ice melted between us. She is a very beautiful and intelligent girl and yes, I am very fond of her.

There have been reports that you too are going out…

I don’t think we are very good friends, I think we are more than good friends – very good friends toh sabhi bolte hain. But I think that there is something very special. I am the type of guy who wears his heart on his sleeves. And definitely she has my heart now. I am seeing her.

That’s great! Congrats to you two.

Thank you!

A large part of the success of a romantic movie depends upon the music. Tell us about this movie and your favorite song – I noticed that you have kept a song from the movie as your caller tune.

Yes. Did you like that?


(laughs) You can have it too then! My favorite song is Aaj Bhi Party which is also my caller tune. It’s my first party song,  my first big dance number and reflects Rohan’s character prefectly. Then there is Peepri Bajai De. It’s a ladka-ladki main chedkani type song and yes, another dance number (smiles). One More One More is such a song that even if you hav never ever danced in your life, this song will make you get up and dance. My other favorite song is Hoton Se shot in Ladakh…It’s the title song, something you can listen to with your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. It’s very soothing. You can also make love to it! Just put it in the background…its that beautiful.

Yes I have heard that song. I think it is Simran’s caller tune…

Yes, it is her caller tune. There are three other songs and overall I think the album is really very beautiful.

Is acting something you always wanted to do or did it happen by chance?

I always wanted to be an actor. I used to watch all movies and feel fascinated by the fact that one man could portray so many characters. I wanted to do that and entertain people.

You were a model earlier. So tell us how the modeling world is different from Bollywood. You also got a compliment from Amitabh Bachchan during one of your ramp walks.

Modeling is creative but I feel Bollywood gives you more scope to be creative. And that is a compliment I cannot forget. What happened is we were in IIFA and Amitabh Bachachanji came to me and said,” Hi, I am Amitabh Bachchan.” When I saw him I really didn’t know what to say. He said good job and added that I reminded him of himself. My brain and mouth was completely frozen!

Thank you for talking to us.

Thank you.

Sunny Gill


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