Shillpi Sharma in conversation with BollyGraph!

She has worked with brands like McDonalds, Park Avenua, Santoor, Colgate, Khaitan Fans & Pear’s, Shillpi Sharma had debuted with “Style” along with Sharman Joshi and Sahil Khan. She has done films like Jo Bole So Nihaal, “Right Ya Wrong and a cameo in “Thank You”. She is last seen in “Heroine” casted opposite Arjun Rampal.

Now she sparkles a conversation with BollyGraph.

Q. “Style” had become a big success and is still one of the most revered films. It’s been more than a decade now; Sharman has come a long way. What are the differences in Shillpi a decade ago and a decade after?

Shillpi a decade ago was a just a young girl right out of school. I had not much of an experience of the entertainment industry & welcomed all things that came my way & God had been kind as I dint have to struggle at all. Nevertheless, God is still kind & the Shillpi of today is much more experienced both personally & otherwise. I have matured in taking better decisions and also my outlook is much more refreshed now, which means that I have moved with the times & it’s like a new version of me now.

Q. Had you always dreamt of becoming an actress?

Nope I hadn’t. I come from a business & political background so I thought of getting into something like that. But destiny had other things planned for me. I had just completed my school, when I came to visit a friend in Bombay. She was going for an audition & I tagged along with her just to see how things work as everyone is curious about this industry. The casting director convinced me to give the audition & before I knew what was happening I was cast for my 1st ad film opposite Rahul Dravid. After that modelling took over & I did quite a number of ads for HSBC, Park Avenue, McDonalds, Santoor & was also the face of Pear’s soap for 4 years. I was quite happy with that when one day I got a call that Mr. N.Chandra wanted to meet me for his upcoming film. I dint know too much about films but I still flew down to Hyderabad to meet him & once again God showered his blessings on me & I was cast as the lead heroine for his film ‘Style”. Next was Rahul Rawail’s ‘Jo Bole So Nihaal’ & that was my biggest high that I was cast opposite Sunny Deol.

Q. How were your work equations with Kareena and Arjun?

Arjun is a very sweet person & to be working with him was great. He made me feel very comfortable & had no starry airs even after being one of the most coveted actors now days. He was very friendly and made sure that he gave me my time & space so that I could give my best performance & not once did he make me feel nervous.

Kareena is no doubt of the best talents that this industry has. Every scene was a masterpiece in itself & I have had few hard scenes with her in the film, but not once did she make me feel uncomfortable. She is a very kind-hearted person & no wonder she has got all the fame as she deserves it. I dint have too many scenes with her but whatever scenes we did together went very smoothly.

Q. What projects are keeping you hooked these days?

I really superstitious about such things & I just want to wait till all the things have been finalized.

Perked Up:

If not on TV or in movies, where else would you be?

I would probably be an IAS officer. I was pretty good in studies & acting happened by chance and I had nothing planned as such.

One thing not many people know about you: is that I am a qualified Interior designer as well as a certified scuba diver. Also I am soon to become a full-fledged DJ.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?

Probably in the past, till around 6-8 months back, as I lost my dad 2 months back. I want to spend more time with him & I would give up everything in the world to just be in that place.

Complete: I have lizard & cockroach phobia/s.

What is the first thing you notice in someone you meet for the first time?

Their eyes. Eyes are the door to your soul & one can come to know a lot about a person from their eyes.



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