Shooting of SRK’s Ra.One grabs attention

Shah Rukh Khan is seriously working to produce his new movie sci-fi flick, Ra.One. The shooting of the movie is taking place in Hyderabad. Those who live within the neighborhood said that SRK had been busy shooting the movie with a popular lady called Kareena and both had been working hard together during the day and afterwards go out together to parties.

The local sources maintained that the two had kept that routine of working hard during the daytime and going out for enjoyment after the day’s work. Normally at the evening time the two will appear with their party shoes and off for the party. They are normally accompanied to the party by friends from the city of Mumbai who comes all the way to have an evening relaxation and enjoyment with them.

SRK was in twitter where he gave an insight of what he and Kareena are doing in Ra.One. He was full of praises for the lady and hoped that he had not over dragged her in the movie production especially during the hot weather when the scourging of the sun is intense. He posted a picture of the lady at the shoot. The picture and the shoot can be described as king Khan with his precious lady.

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