Shreyas, Akshay’s brother

New Delhi: A new film is on the way! This time, in 3D. The film “Joker” will be starring Akshay Kumar in lead role, and as second male actor, Shreyas Talpade will be playing the role of Akshay’s brother. The one who took up the responsibility of informing the world is Kunder, who posted on his Twitter page on Facebook account on Monday.

Shirish Kunder is the one producing the film. The lead actress in the film is Sonakshi Sinha, who will play opposite Akshay in the film. There is one thing missing, though. Shreyas does not have a partner yet, as no actress has been decided for the role. The public is free to give their thought on this matter on Kunder’s social networking pages.

Apparently the producer is very undecided. Kunder has been asking many such questions on his online accounts, including who should be music director, lyricist, and many more other such questions.

The film “Joker” will be produced under the banner of Akshay Kumar’s Hari Om Entertainment Company in association with Farah’s Three’s Company.

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