Shweta Verma to marry Gauri Khan’s cousin

Mumbai: The lovely Shweta Verma must be enjoying the happiest days of her life. She is fully enjoying being in the headlines at the moment, as her reasons are more than joyful. She is to be married to Rustam Tiwari, none other than the cousin of Gauri Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s wife. The big day is set for March 12th.

What was not exposed until now was the fact that Shweta has been staying at the residence of Shah Rukh and Gauri during the struggling days. Shweta and Rustam have been dating for some time now, but the wedding came as a surprise for the press. The actress was very discrete, preferring to keep things a secret, and not flaunt with her connections with the King and his family.

The Sangeet is scheduled for the 10th in New Delhi, and Gauri and her two children have confirmed their presence at the big celebration. The Mehendi is scheduled for the next day, at Panchsheel Park, at Gauri’s residence there. Shah Rukh is wrapped up at the moment, and will only be present on March 12th, for the wedding.

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